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Cents of Style Wall: Discover the Rainbow

Cents of Style wall
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For the last little while, I’ve been on a mission to discover the best street art in Salt Lake City. While that post is still in the making, I really wanted to introduce you to something a little special. While perusing a few local Facebook groups, I picked up on a thread talking about the Cents of Style Wall. What in the world is that? Of course, NOTHING in the thread indicated what it was. Apparently the people in this particular group were in the know and I needed to do some more sleuthing. And as per usual, there wasn’t a whole lot of information that I could find online…just a few style/mommy blog posts that briefly mention what The Cents of Style Wall actually is.


cents of style wall hashtag


Cents of Style is an online women’s fashion accessories and clothing website, and it has a warehouse store located at 14699 South 800 West, Bluffdale, UT 84065. From the front of the building, the warehouse isn’t all that impressive, but fear not! The magic is in the back! The Cents of Style Wall is the south-facing wall of the warehouse, and is an Instagrammer’s dream!


My friend and I were having kind of a random day on Saturday, and found ourselves driving 25 minutes south of Salt Lake City in search of this “Cents of Style Wall.” Does it really exist? Was it really going to be worth the drive? The warehouse is in the middle of nowhere Bluffdale, just far enough off the beaten path. After taking a random off-ramp off of I-15, down a back road and turning onto a dead-end street, we almost missed it!


Fortunately, I was able to see a small sign outside one of the buildings that said Cents of Style. Sweet! We drove around the side of the building and our eyes were arrested by the brilliant chromatic panels. Like moths to a flame, we were driven to the building and couldn’t stop staring! How much fun will this be to visit in the snow?


cents of style wall from parking lot


The Cents of Style Wall: Know Before You Go

Before you get all dolled up and head down to Bluffdale to have an epic photo-shoot, there are a few rules that you need to be aware of:

  1. Be respectful – this is a business establishment in an industrial area. Sometimes the Cents of Style employees utilize The Wall for their own business photo shoots. If they’re around, you might need to come back another time.
  2. Cell phones or handheld devices only. If you want to have a professional photo shoot, you’ll need to schedule a time with permission from Cents of Style.
  3. If you bring props, please do not attach them to The Wall, alter The Wall, or deface The Wall in any way.
  4. When posting on any social media platform, please use the hashtag #centsofstylewall for all photos and posts.


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For some reason, I thought that going to the Wall was going to be super busy on a Saturday afternoon. We were super fortunate that nobody else was around and made full use of The Wall. Jumping, frolicking, and twirling like little school girls was especially fun while nobody else was around, and I was able to snap some pretty amazing shots of my friend.


cents of style wall red/blue


cents of style wall red/pink


cents of style wall yellow
This is actually a still shot of a super cute Boomerang of my friend. I just fell in love with the look on her face and her hair whipping about.


cents of style wall me on blue jumping


cents of style wall


cents of style wall sunglasses


Which color would you want your picture taken in front of? What kind of pose would you do? Would you drive into the middle of nowhere for a picture?


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18 thoughts on “Cents of Style Wall: Discover the Rainbow

  1. I love the light blue, just because it makes me feel like summer’s still here! Such a great wall and so simple too! Thanks for sharing those tips on visiting; you guys were lucky no-one was there!

  2. The Cents Style Wall is definitely an Instagrammable wall – in so many ways! I guess if I was promoting a product on IG, this wall would make the perfect backdrop. Then comes the choice of which colour to choose? If I was attempting an IG pose myself I think I’d go for green but it depends on what colour clothes I’d be wearing. Definitely a worthwhile trip from the city!

  3. Wow! This wall is just wow! You’re damn right, its every instagrammer’s dream wall. Hats off to you for driving all the way and finding the place in the middle of nowhere! You’re super awesome Rachelle, for finding all such places like this and UP House etc…

  4. This is such fun wall to go take some cool colorful pictures. Reminds me a bit of some of the walls you find in Miami at Wynwood. It is incredible how much the street art is growing everywhere and this is definitely a trend that I support.

  5. Wow, I love exploring street art in a new city. Recently I was stunned by the street art in Sydney and Melbourne. Cents of Style Wall impresses with its vibrant happy colors. I can see it gave you great backdrops for pictures. Glad that the impromptu drive paid off.

  6. I love the idea of the Cents Style Wall, how colourful. I would be there in a heartbeat taking pictures for my Instagram and using their hashtag #centsofstylewall . I think it is a good idea that they have rules to respect the others in the area and to keep it maintained.

  7. Ha, y’all look so fabulous up against it!! I love how you tell people not to Alter the wall because some tourists will go and draw or put things on it. The vibrant colors makes for great pictures!

  8. That looks like a photographer’s dream! I love that it has multi-colored walls so you can pick different backgrounds. Good on you for finding out about it! I would probably go there asap if I lived in Utah!

  9. Wow this is an instagrammers dream place! The colorful walls are especially a great place for fashion photos. Or I will just go there to take some goofy pics and headshots 🙂

  10. Didn’t know SLC had such cute walls! I’m a huge mural fan and I was just in Utah beginning of September for a road trip. Definitely wish I’d read this prior and checked them out tho!!!

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