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United States of America and Territories

When people talk about being world travelers, digital nomads, etc., they always talk about the beautiful countries they've visited or lived in across the globe. I've been to some pretty awesome places myself, but will always have a soft spot in my heart for my home country. There are so many amazing, random, beautiful, and, well, weird places in my own backyard that I've discovered.


Since I'm still working a desk job and blow through my vacation days like a kid blows through their weekly allowance, a lot of my trips have been shorter, closer trips. I'm definitely not complaining because have you actually seen the hidden gems of the United States? They're amazing! I want to visit all of the United States and territories, not counting layovers where I don't leave the airport!



Alabama - Alaska - American Samoa - Arizona - Arkansas - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Delaware - Florida - Georgia - Guam - Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Minnesota - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - Nevada - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico - New York - North Carolina - North Dakota - Northern Mariana Islands - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - Rhode Island - South Carolina - South Dakota - Tennessee - Texas - U.S. Virgin Islands - Utah - Vermont - Virginia - Washington - Washington D.C. - West Virginia - Wisconsin - Wyoming